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Yow Gaol Electrical Enterprises Co.,Ltd was established in Feng Shan city, Gao Xiong, Taiwan in April, 1987. The head office was relocated to Chian Chen Ren Wu Village, Gao Xiong in Jun, 1991. In Jul 1995, we purchased land and built new factory, to Sep 1997 new factory was built completely in order to begin operation. In 2000 we expanded the business to Viet Nam with another factory at Hamlet 1, Tan Dinh Ward, Ben Cat Dist., Binh Duong Province, Viet Nam. 

Yow Gaol Electrical Enterprises Vn Co., Ltd is owned 100% of foreign capital by Lin Tien Fu owner.


Contact info
Địa chỉ: Ấp 1, X. Tân Định, H. Bến Cát, T. Bình Dương
Tel: 0650.3560.980
Fax: 0650.3560.981
Hotline: 0908.767.839 (Mr Bao)
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Yow Gaol Electrical Enterprises Viet Nam Co., Ltd is manufacturer electrical board panels and accessories in industrial fields, has a factory to product the goods about 10,000m2, has 60 skilled employees and engineers, is equiped modern production lines. We guarantee with our customer’s high quality products and stable capacity. The main products of Yow Gaol are manufacturing electrical enclosure panels: medium voltage panels (VCB Vaccum Circuit Breaker, Load Breaker Switch..), low voltage panel: (transfomer cabinets, distribution cabinets, Power Factor Regulator cabinets, Auto control cabinets, inverters control cabinets, Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) cabinets, synchronous cabinets …) and the accessories such as: cable ladder, trunking, cable tray, ebow, tee…in order to supply, set up for buildings, workshops or to purchase for contractors in electrical and mechanical fields. We also received machining, painting of static electricity...

Over more 13 years has been operated in the market, we always improve machinery and technology in order to supply the best goods and service to the customers. The lines of the factory consist of: the Cutter, Plasma Cutter, CNC Cutter, Press Brake, CNC Press Brake, CNC punching machine, plasma cutter, derrick, conveyor belt of painting electrostatic… At the present, with our consistent quality and our credit in the market, we have been being a leading supplier in Viet Nam. Yow Gaol Company is a trusted partner of M &E company for a lot of worrshops and buildings.

We is also main distribution agent of electrical equipments as follows: Shneider, Mitshubishi, ABB, GE, Shihlin, Teco, LS, Taya...


Yow Gaol Electrical Enterprises Viet Nam Co., Ltd philosophy: “All for the customer’s wealth”, “From day to night or form city to country, Our responsipility has to supply the best goods and service to our all customers” requires that management and staff be reliable, professional and responsive.

Yow Gaol has become and will maintain its role as a premier Vietnamese Supplier and a Contractor in mechanical and electrical fields. We will build on past successes and expand its operation outside the borders of Vietnam to the makets as: Campodia, Thailand, Lao and Mianmar.

We always look for partners as: manufacturer about electrical equipments, Construction Contractors, Mechanical and electrical contractors and Investors to do business and develop the company over more.

 Công Ty TNHH Yow Gaol Electrical Enterprises Việt Nam

Lin Tien Fu                               


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