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The main products: medium voltage panels (VCB Vaccum Circuit Breaker, Load Breaker Switch..), low voltage panel: (Transfomer cabinets, distribution cabinets, Power Factor Regulator cabinets, Auto motor control cabinets, inverters control cabinets, ATS cabinets, synchronous cabinets, PLC cabinets …) and the accessories such as: cable ladder, trunking, cable tray, steel cable duct, duct elbow, 900 ebow, equal tee, unequal tee, equal crosser, enternal riser, external riser, left reducer, right reducer, offset reducer, duct cable trunking, hanger support cable trunking….

VCB (VaccumCircuit Breaker), MCSG (Metal Clad Switchgear), MESG (Metal Enclosed Switchgear)

- MCSG is an integrated assembly of drawout vacuum circuit breakers, bus, protective, and control devices which are coordinated electrically and mechanically for medium voltage distribution and protection. The metal-clad construction provides maximum circuit separation and safety. This is accomplished by grounded metal compartment barriers and insulated conductors. These features are combined so that no live parts are exposed by opening of the doors.

- MCSG, MESG offers the benefits of vacuum interrupters, high reliability, low maintenance, and reduced weight. It is typically used for transformer and large motor feeder circuits.

- The main circuit interrupting device is removeable and is arrange with a mechanism for moving it between the connected and disconnected positions. It is equipped with self-aligning and self-coupling primary and secondary devices.

- The interrupting devices, buses, voltage transformers and control power transformers are completely enclosed by grounded metal barriers, which have no intentional openings between compartments. A metal barrier in front of the interrupting device ensures that no live parts are exposed by the opening of a door, when in a connected position.

- Automatic shutters cover the primary disconnects when the removable element is removed or in the test or disconnected positions.

- All live parts are enclosed within grounded metal barriers and separated into individual compartments by voltage level. Instruments, meters, relays, secondary control devices and their wiring are isolated from all primary circuit elements by grounded metal barriers.

- Primary bus conductors and connections are covered with tract-resistant insulation.

- Mechanical interlocks are provided to insure proper and safe operation. The circuit breaker cannot be racked to or from the connected position with its contacts closed nor can it be removed from the enclosure with the stored energy mechanism charged.

- Operating Voltage norm: 7.2/ 12/ 24/ 36-40.5 kV

- Rated current: 400/ 630/ 1250/ 2000/ 2500/ 3150 A

- Rated ultimate short-circuit breaking capacity Icu: 12.5/16/20/ 25/ 31.5/40 KA

Main Distribution Board (MDP)

- Our MSB Enclosure is designed to meet all of the low voltage network. Be used for factories, shopping centers, office buildings, apartment buildings, hospitals, schools, ports, airports ...

- Design
• Enclosure is designed more cabinets. Each drawer is designed to separate functions such as ACB or MCCB of container, the load CB tank, tank capacitor .... meet the parameters of electric devices in the cabinet are arranged convenient for mounting and connection.
• The cabinet frame is made of thick steel plates 1.5 - 2 mm, powder coated. Cabinet frame is made convenient for assembly, operation and expansion connector.
General parameters
• Applicable standards: IEC 61439-1
• Operating Voltage norm: 400VAC, 50Hz
• Rated current: up to 6300A
• Degree of protection: in the cabinet: IP42; cabinets outdoor: IP54

Power Factor Regulator

- Provide you many benefits including increase power factor avoiding penalty from utility, enhance the quality and productivity of load, reduce reactive power.

- Make use of the state of art compensation method –automatic compensation .Our panels will compare deviation between voltage and current with the set point ( normal 0.85- 0.95) in order to automatically switch the compensation capacitors until reaching the required value and retain the power factor around set point. This may be the ideal compensation way because it apply for each times of consumption and level of load.
Particularly design for indoor/ outdoor applications, operate in series with MSB or stand alone.

- Accurately compensate with low tolerance, operate the capacitor steps, reduce the number of switching.
Eligible to manufacture other kinds of compensation switchboards such as base, concentrated, coupled, semi-automatic compensation if request.

- Apparatuses including APFC (auto power factor controller) 6/8/12 steps, compensation capacitors have been calculated and selected accurately to meet your specification and expectation.
Guarantee both natural and forced ventilation for being long-lasting and reliability.

- Choice of reactors for inhibiting the inrush current when switching the capacitors can be added as a option.

- Enable communication through RS232 or RS485

Transfer Switch Panel (ATS)

- ATS switchboard maintain the operation of load when utility source was gone down by switching from utility source to generators. ATS will automatically start/stop generators, transfer source between utility and generators.

- Available two operational modes: manual and automatic comparing to conventional design that facilitate for test and operation.

- Use intelligent transfer control set Zelio Logic 12/20/26 I/O, with clock, with quick process and respond time, program at site or via connecting computer, MOBUS communication module, unambiguous display.

- Available mechanical and electric interlocking between ACB or MCCB to guarantee safety and prevent mal-operation.

- Always provide you with peace of mind by integrating comprehensive protective system: overload, short-circuit, overvoltage.

- Capable of incorporating with MSB switchboards and power factor regulators in back to back configuration to reduce significantly overall dimension and boost flexibility in multi-sources, multi-generators, preferred loads system.

- You undoubtedly benefit from our complete solutions through your system will be remote operated and controlled with PLC sets of renowned suppliers Schneider, Siemens …

- With modularized and removable apparatuses, it is possible to install and maintain quickly and easily

Distribution Board (DB, LB, LP, AP…)

- Power distribution board (DB, LB, LP, AP…) standard is designed to create favorable conditions for choosing to put into the works. The advantages of this panel are:

- Bar the distribution is processed by machine (sudden and traumatic joints so that no intermediate output, which reduces the likelihood of accidents caused by a rise in temperature of the contacts).

- Wide space easy wiring in and out.

- The indicator circuit is clear.

- Can be expanded connectivity.

- Designed according to international standards. Input panel can be mounted on many different devices such as isolation breaker, MCCB, MCB, ELCB or direct connection. Output is MCB, 1 pole or 3 pole type din-rail mounted.

- Low voltage DB can be installed floating or wall.

- Download largest 500A, can bar segments.

- Number of outputs up to 20 three-phase output (respectively 60 poles

- Specifications

- Standard: IEC 61439-1.IEC 60947-2, IEC 61641, IEC 60529

- Main Busbar: 500A

Auto Liquid Level Control Panel

Motor Start Control Panel with (Y-) Circuit;Mortor Speed Cotrol Panel (Inverter);

- Motor Speed Control Panels might automatic means for starting and stopping the motor.

- Selecting forward or reverse rotation,

- Selecting and regulating the speed, regulating or limiting the torque,

- Protecting against overloads and faults.

Lighting Control Panel

- Application to close/open the light at the time during the day;

- Might operate day and night mode, close/openthe lights with a predetermined amount

- Cotrol all lights easily, decrease labour expenses, save energy…

- Use to set up for workshops, building, public area: streets, gardens, parks…

Inverter Switch Board Panel

- Inverters are used to transfer power from a DC source to an AC load. Inverters are mainly used in application such as adjustable-speed AC motor drives by by adjusting the frequency, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), and AC appliances run from an automobile battery.

- The inverters are automatically motor identification, might control them by connecting network, can set many speed level

- The Inverters control motor starter circle to help the startup process smoothly, increase life circle of asset, minimize installation costs, maintenance, save space, save energy by setting operation mode, ...You might control the energy in transmission process because you can control it with some modes: overload protection, over temperature, over current, over voltage, under voltage, loss of phase, phase reversal fault ... of the inverters.

- Extending life of equipments, protecting stable power, resisting wear, reducing errors...

- Depend on your needs that the inverter is selected suitably

- Inverter Usage Fields: load has variable moment (central air-conditioner, Liquid pump, fan pump, ...); engine operates underload but the engine can’t be replaced therefore we must be set a inverter; paper and packing industry (paper cutting machine, Lick-up machine...); cement, steel, chemical and plastics industries (molding ejection machine, molding blowing machines, extrusion machine, film coating ...); textile, fiber, dyeing, food & pharmaceutical industries, waste-water industry, refrigeration industry, wood industry; lifts – hoists industry...

- Some inverter panels: Control from one to five pressure motors, control vacuum cleaner, fire panel, compressor control panel, chillers, grinders, extruders, stirred machine, mixer machine , cutter ... by inverters and sensors.

Inveter Control Panel For Paper Cutter

- Traditional cutter always operate in short term or repeat mode ( run- stop) makes discontinuous feeling in production process, reduce engine life and raise loud noise. To make good this shortcoming, Yow Gaol Electrical Enterprises Vn Co., LTD has the solution for paper cutter as the following:

- Paper size imported, the machine can cut all paper size.

- Cutting motor is controlled by closed loop format so has high accuracy.

- Drive is controlled by PLC through Modbus RTU can limit more the error than previous analog control form.

- Automatically adjusts motor speed following cut paper speed

Saving Power Inverter Control Panel (For Liquid, Plastic Squeezer, Chemical…)

- For most of plastic squeezer, oil hydraulic pump is a stable flow pump. However, in a production cycle the demand for oil flow of each stage is different (mould clamp - spray glue, shaping - cool, open molds - glue withdraw, stand by). In particular, the cooling period and waiting period is the demand for the lowest power. But stable pump remains maximum flow. The redundant oil amount will overflow valve pull into oil bucket. This wastes and makes hydraulic oil hot

Synchronized Switchboard:

- Our switchboard are dedicatedly used for synchronizing multi-gensets if utility’s source occurs fault, stand by gensets will automatically start, auto synchronize and load share for other gensets .Besides, switchboard also undertake to monitor load and determine number of gensets according to load requirement .We also are possible to design panel which particularly use for synchronizing with utility source.

- Keep using the modularity concept together with unified components and our production know how in order to increase flexibility and compact, minimize the maintenance time.

- Three operational mode OFF, AUTO, MAN ensures flexibly in operation, test, maintenance.

- PIN number protects the panels from unauthorized access.

- Provide with useful information through real time diagnostic facilities that help you easily identify cause and quickly fix it.

- Capable of connecting to the most commonly used speed governors and automatic voltage regulators thanks to direct and flexible outputs.

- Indicate the operational status and fault condition by unambiguous LCD display and flashing LED.

- Integrate both metering and alarm function through LCD message, LED illumination, audible alarm to monitor almost technical parameters of power and generator.

- RS232/RS485port, 810 interface or suitable modem, MS-Windows™ software will allow you to remotely control and monitor your panels.

- Available the event capture function to archive the last alarms that it is possible for operator to view the recent operating history of panel for simply fix.

Load Breaker Switch Board (LBS), DS

- Designed for dedicated applications up to 630 A, 24kV.

- Use modularity concept to make it easy for assembly and maintenance.

- Simplicity, compact, aestheticism.

- Busbar system are in same horizontal plane, thus possibility for later switchboard extension.

- Available metal clad air insulated and metal clad SF6 insulated LBS switchboard to fulfill customer demand. Divide switchboard into form of segregated compartments to enhance safety and guarantee maximum continuity of service.

- Cooperate with fuse having suitable rated value to boost safety and dependability.

- Integrate arrester to protect your system from over-voltage due to surge.

- Both manual and motor operational mechanism may be used flexibly.

- VPIS has three unambiguous neon indicator mounted in front door to provide operator about presence of voltage.

RMU SwitchBoard

- Area of application RMU cabinets are used in power stations outside of simple relay stations and distribution stations.

- The factories and power stations in the subway stations.

- RMU cabinets are designed with features measuring voltage and current signals are used for system FRTU

- High reliability RMU cabinet ensures easy installation with maximum cutting capability in all environments

- The technology to create perfect, no leakage current when the contacts open state

- The cutting chamber is made of stainless steel

- The cutting chamber is insulated using SF6

- The whole system is sealed SF6 insulated to minimize the leakage of SF6 gas

- Used in all different climates

- The safety There are hand-operated interlock prevent errors during operation

- Safe operation and the entire system was installed closed absolute

- The high pressure is only intervene when the outgoing line route is to address fully

- Having set market release pressure when the problem of high pressure

Compact Substation:

- Comply with the statements specified in IEC 62271-202.

- Tailor-made with following applications: indoor/outdoor.

- Capable of installing at factory or at site thanks to modularized equipments inside.

- Type-tested and global accepted components ensure high degree of safety for operator.

- Adjacent compartments are separated by metallic partitions in order to prevent flashover from transferring to other compartments as well guarantee safety for another apparatuses and operators.

- Sturdy frame with 2mm electrostatic coated steel or stainless steel when requirement.

- Combine both natural and forced ventilation.

- Impossible to access live parts.

- Unauthorized access are certainly not permitted thanks to door locking system.

Very sealed enclosure and minimum up to IP42

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